About Rotary Club 13474 Ra'anana Dist. 2490 Israel

Founded in 1965

.and active ever since in various subjects.

District 2490 has approx. 60 clubs in which Rotary Club of Ra'anana is a leading one.

Rotary Club of Ra'anana is part of the Rotary International Organization containing above 1.2 million worldwide in over 35,000 Clubs around the world.

Rotary Ra'anana Non Profit for Community Advancement -No. 580428290

As Part of the Rotary Club of Ra'anana a listed Non Profit was founder in 2004

The Non Profit exists due to Membership Fees and Personal Donations from Members, Private and Business Entities and has no Paid Personal or Properties, other then liquid funds for her action as a community Non Profit

The Listed Non Profit is active as a social entity in order to gather donations from the community. the Non Profit cooperates with other social entities in the city of Ra'anana and supports social ventures.

for years, the Non Profit takes action in gathering donations for social activities such as: Student Scholarships. Shalom 1st Grade for welfare children, to the Benji Home and more.

Why Join the Club ?

Rotary is an organization for social entrepreneurs, that combines financial business  activities with social community services. We believe that this combination benefits both – the Members and the Community.

 Joining benefits members in expanding their business attributes and reach opening opportunities available only on a big and powerful international organization.

A Member can get Help, Aid, Tips and Advice from other Rotary Members in the club, the district or the world.

every club sets its own topics and tone, in correlation to the wants of its members including action in joint ventures with other clubs – in the district and in the world.

every member wearing the lapel pin can visit any club in the world,  make connections and advise with other club memebers in order to establish connections – either social or business related with powerful people in the community, the district or the world – in, almost, any subject.

Any Member of the Rotary Club of Ra'anana can take part in one of the action teams or committee

.Initiate, organize or attend club events, other club events, district events and even International events

Attending the majority of meeting creates connections with other club members and also benefits real friendship for life.

Rotary Club of Ra'anana Meets once a week, the lectures are open ,for guests, conducts social events with volunteers, community leaders, media personals etc.

Every Member of Rotary Club of Ra'anana finds his own interest and enjoy on or more of these things:

3. Cultural Aspect – Attending mutual tours, Events, Social Gathering – with other clubs in the district and in the world.

 4. Learning – Attending beneficial Meeting and Guest Speakers expands the knowledge.

5. Delegations – either attending or hosting a delagation for Rotary Members Children or Grandchildren in Teenage Delagations.

6. Social Statues – Membership in Rotary points out to a person of class and posture in the community – local, country and the world.

1. Expanding the Social Business Circle – RC Ra'anana allows the members to connect with leading businesspersons in the community in a different level and opens opportunities for aid from other Rotary Members in the District and in the World in a verity of subjects such as: finance, legal, banking, insurance,  medical and many more.

2. Social Activities – integrating in social activity through RC Ra'anana creates informal connections with people in the community, the country and the world such as: other social entrepreneurs, media personal, community leaders etc.

"Rotary is an organization of goodwill belonging to people who want to make a good future
to the world and to themselves"

That is the essence of Rotary