RC Ra'ananas takes action also through a Non Profit: Rotary Raanana NPO for community advancement

The NPO (Non Profit Organization) is active since 2004 as a supporting body for social ventures in the City of Ra'anana and funded by membership fees and donation

Since founded in 1965, Rotary Club of Ra'anana 13474 in Dist. 2490 Israel takes action in order to advance humanitarian projects in the community and joint ventures

RC Ra'anana is Part of Rotary International, an organization of leaders, businesspersons and social entrepreneurs


For above a half century, The Rotary Club of Ra'anana Lead various humanitarian
projects in aid of the community.

Current Projects Include:
Shalom 1st Grade - a project to aid welfare children in the community, Scholarships for student, Financial Education for highschool soft mores, aid in managment of DROR non profit organization in aid of the mentally disables.

In 2018 the Club conducted a project to donate 60 chairs to the Benji Home. In early years the club aided Levinstein House in the begining. Built a station for Blood donations etc.

The club of Ra'anana also conducts meaningful meetings for members and guests. Conducts various social events such as "Man of the Year" to Encourage social activism in the community.

Any member in the club can offer his Ideas for Social Entrepreneurship in Ra'anana, in the Dist. 2490 Israel and in the World - and enjoy the benefits only and International organization can offer.

DROR NonProfit

Management Aid for the NonProfit addressing the Mentally Disabled

Financial Education

osculation of RC Ra'anana Town Square

נגן וידאו

Promotional Video of Dist. 2490

Sonia Frenkel

Past Secretary

Nachum Frenkel, Dr.

District Governor

חיים אייזנפלד

PP.- Vocational Service

David Aizenfish

Club Secretary

Joseph Maor, Adv

Club President

Yoci Danon

Community Service

Adi Spizer

Immediate Past Club President

Shimon Sherasky

Scholarship Board

Eli Nachmana

Club Treasurer

Fanny Nachmana

Community Service

Leon Klaff, Adv

International Realations

Morey Manor

PP. - International Relations

Oded Levinton

Past Treasurer
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